First ever Guelph-Wellington Women’s Campaign School

Hosted by Councillor June Hofland

Join us for a day of education, training, and inspiration.

Saturday Feb. 24th | 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Guelph City Hall | 1 Carden Street
Cost: $20 (includes lunch)

The United Nations defines 30% as the minimal percentage of women required for government to reflect women’s concerns. Women in Canada represent 18% of mayors and 28% of councillors, for an average of 26%. Based on current statistics, Canada would need 1,408 more women in elected office today to reach the 30% target.

This day-long event will have talented individuals teaching communication, marketing, and campaign team-building skills. Participants can expect to learn about the nomination process, rules about fundraising, and how to develop a campaign platform and strategy.

Who should attend?

  • Women thinking of running for school trustee/councillor in the 2018 municipal election
  • Women who may be interested in local government
  • Anyone wanting to support a woman’s campaign

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Registration closes February 17, 2018.

For detailed information about parking downtown Guelph, please click here to visit the city’s website.